ASCE International Conference on Computing in Civil Engineering

June 25-28, 2023

Hosted by Oregon State University
CH2M HILL Alumni Center • Corvallis, Oregon



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To view/download a PDF version of the ASCE International Conference on Computing in Civil Engineering technical sessions please CLICK HERE.

Monday (6/26/23) 9:45 - 10:45AM

Technical Session#1: Monday (6/26/23) 9:45 - 10:45AM
Building Information Modeling Infrastructure Analysis and Maintenance Safety Applications Intelligenct Human-Machine Interaction Artificial Intelligence Reality Capture Technologies
4745: Automated geometry updating for digital twins in construction 8499: Towards a Domain-Agnostic Deep Learning-Based Scale Inference Approach in Construction Drawings 5956: Construction Worker Workload Assessment for Human-Human versus Human-Robot Collaboration in Wood Assembly 646: A Systematic Review of Speech Understanding Studies for Human-Robot Collaborative Construction 822: Automated Bridge Inspection Image Interpretation Based on Vision-Language Pre-Training 1280: Sensor Fusion-based Point Clouds Registration Considering Safety Net During Scaffold Installation
Christopher Rausch Benedikt Faltin, Phillip Schönfelder and Markus König C. Okonkwo, X. Liang, U. Rasheed, I. Awolusi, J. Cai and B. Wibranek Zirui Hong and Hubo Cai Shengyi Wang and Nora El-Gohary Juhyeon Kim, Jeehoon Kim, Sunwoong Paik and Hyoungkwan Kim
5891: Interactive Design by Integrating a Large Pre-Trained Language Model and Building Information Modeling 5866: Circular economy strategies for reducing embodied carbon in the us commercial building stocks: a system dynamics modeling approach 3350: Vision-based Ergonomic Risk Assessment of Back-Support Exoskeleton for Construction Workers in Material Handling Task 1643: A Deictic Gesture-Based Human-Robot Interface for In Situ Task Specification in Construction 5310: Using road design priors to improve large-scale 3D road scene segmentation 4297: Synthetic Image Generation for Training 2D Segmentation Models at Scale for Computer Vision Progress Monitoring in Construction
Suhyung Jang and Ghang Lee Radwa Eissa and Islam El-Adaway Yizhi Liu, Amit Ojha and Houtan Jebelli Sungboo Yoon, Jinsik Park, Moonseo Park and Changbum Ahn Diana Davletshina and Ioannis Brilakis Juan D. Núñez-Morales, Shun-Hsiang Hsu and Mani Golparvar-Fard
3805: Optimal floor tile layout plan generation based on Building Information Modeling (BIM) 7400: A Comparative Study of Human-Centered HVAC System Energy Optimization for Demand Response 4855: Assessing the Impact of Active Back Support Exoskeletons on Muscular Activity during Construction Tasks: Insights from Physiological Sensing 2166: Joint BERT Model for Intent Classification and Slot Filling Analysis of Natural Language Instructions in Co-Robotic Field Construction Work 8069: Assessing Workers’ Operational Postures via Egocentric Collaborative Camera Mapping 4400: Lessons Learned from Developing a 3D Point Cloud Model of a Modular House by Photogrammetric Approach
Shashini Karunasena, Sangyoon Park, Sungha Ju and Joon Heo Mostafa Meimand and Farrokh Jazizadeh Amit Ojha, Hongyu Guo, Houtan Jebelli, Anne Martin and Abiola Akanmu Somin Park, Carol Menassa and Vineet Kamat Ziming Liu, Christine Wun Ki Suen, Zhengbo Zou, Meida Chen and Yangming Shi Preetam Kapsikar and Jin Ouk Choi
7090: Model-based Checklist Generation for Façade Safety Inspection Guidance 6511: A graph-based approach to minimize redundant spatial computations for automated construction safety prevention through design and planning 9314: Potential of Adopting Occupational Exoskeletons in Construction: A Synergistic Perspective 7356: Worker’s physiological/ psychological responses during human-robot collaboration in an immersive virtual reality environment 8657: Transformer-Based Semantic Segmentation for Recycling Materials in Construction 4457: Automated Construction Progress Monitoring in Modular Construction Factories Using Computer Vision-based Instance Segmentation
Zhuoya Shi, Young Jun Lee and Semiha Ergan Karsten W. Johansen, Carl Schultz and Jochen Teizer D. Mahmud, S. T. Bennett, Z. Zhu, P. G. Adamczyk, M. Wehner, D. Veeramani and F. Dai Youjin Jang, Inbae Jeong, Hardik Chauhan and Ali Pakbaz Xin Wang, Wei Han, Sicheng Mo, Ting Cai, Yijing Gong, Yin Li and Zhenhua Zhu Roshan Panahi, Joseph Louis, Colby Swanson, Ankur Podder and Shanti Pless
5794: A novel AI-based digital twinning approach for automated BIM semantic enrichment and image-based 3D Reconstruction 2432: Adaptive Academic Buildings for Improving Comfort and Well-Being of College Students Using Artificial Intelligence of Things 553: Cognitive Impact of Wearing Exoskeleton on Hazard Identification Performance of Construction Workers 5097: Motion-based Control Interface for Intuitive and Efficient Teleoperation of Construction Robots 8726: 3D Urban Building Reconstruction Using Neural Rendering Technique 1757: Detection, Tracking, and Segmentation of Transient Construction Objects in Video Frames
Tao Wang and Vincent Gan Min Jae Lee and Ruichuan Zhang H. Seo, S. Pooladvand, A. Aslanli, S. Hasanzadeh and B. Esmaeili Usman Rasheed, Xiaoyun Liang, Jiannan Cai, Shuai Li and Yuqing Hu Cheolhwan Kim, Jisang Lee, Wonjun Choi, Youngmok Kwon and Hong-Gyoo Sohn Houhao Liang and Justin K.W. Yeoh

Monday (6/26/23) 11-12PM

Technical Session#2: Monday (6/26/23) 11-12PM
Building Information Modeling Infrastructure Analysis and Maintenance Safety Applications Intelligenct Human-Machine Interaction Artificial Intelligence Reality Capture Technologies
2300: Conceptual Framework of Integrated Augmented Reality System on Screen for BIM-based Collaboration 552: Insights from Applying Association Rule Mining to Pipeline Incident Report Data 362: Safety Immersive Storytelling Videos Using Virtual Humans and 360-degree Panoramas: A Pilot Study of Fall Hazard Training with Residential Construction Professionals 5344: Context-Aware Deep Learning Model for 3D Human Motion Prediction in Human-Robot Collaborative Construction 3746: Feasibility Analysis on the Use of NLP-based Schedule Activity Analysis for 4D Project Planning and Controls 149: Comparing Bulk Volume Measurements between Surveying GPS and UAS-Mounted LIDAR
Jin Gang Lee Lemlem Asaye, Muhammad Ali Moriyani, Chau Le, Trung Le and Om Prakash Yadav Josiane Isingizwe, Ricardo Eiris and Ahmed Al-Bayati Xiaoyun Liang, Lin Sheng, Jiannan Cai, Shuai Li and Yangming Shi Yoonhwa Jung, Julia Hockenmaier and Mani Golparvar-Fard Andres Acero Molina, Yilei Huang and Zhen Zhu
2972: Smart Construction Contract Generation Framework for Improved Decision-Making Processes 5603: Machine learning-based risk model for pipeline integrity management 2151: Development of a Cost Effective Proximity Warning System for Fall Protection 5533: VR Human Body Motion and Hand Gesture Control for ROV Teleoperation 5199: Towards an Intelligent Automated Building Code Compliance System 4009: Stacked Object Detection with Adaptive Scanning and Density Centralized Voting
Erfan Moayyed and Eva Agapaki Xiaoyue Zhang, Chengcheng Tao and Ying Huang Ziyu Jin and John Gambatese Pengxia Xia, Hengxu You, Tianyu Zhou and Jing Du Nishanth Purushotham, Chethan Kailashnath and Ivan Mutis Hengxu You, Fang Xu and Jing Du
3767: Streamlining Roof insulation panels Laying with Intelligent Technology: A Deep Learning and IFC-Based Approach for Material Identification and Verification Using OpenCV 1426: Information Visualization Platform for Underground Pipeline Maintenance Integrating BIM and GIS Data 4446: Emotional and Attitude Impacts of Drones on Construction Individuals Working at Heights 6548: Haptic Augmentation System for Construction Robot Teleoperation 7206: Natural Language Processing (NLP)-driven Classification of Pre-Bid Request for Information (RFI) for Enhanced Bidding Process 4213: A comparative feasibility study of using UAVs and laser scanning to determine the landfilled fly ash quantity
Shaowen Han, Xiangyu Wang and Karsten Menzel Yiru Hou, Jae Heo and Soowon Chang Gilles Albeaino, Idris Jeelani, Masoud Gheisari and Raja R. Issa Tianyu Zhou, Pengxiang Xia, Yang Ye and Jing Du R. Shrestha, T. Ko and J. Lee Muskan Sharma Kuinkel, Chengyi Zhang, Peng Liu and Khaled Ksaibati
4220: Investigation of Data Exchange from BIM to VR: Compatibility Tests for Supporting Conversion Processes 3150: Automated Hydrogen Pipeline Cost Estimation Using GIS Technology 5535: Evaluating the Impact of Powered Back-Support Exoskeletons and Virtual Reality Interventions on Gait Stability of Construction Workers at Heights 8468: The Effect of Time Pressure on Human-Robot Interaction Performance during Excavator Teleoperation 1968: Enhancing Maintenance Management Effectiveness of Healthcare Facilities through Natural Language Processing 6898: Heuristic optimization for digital twin modeling of existing bridges from point cloud data by parametric prototype models
Ha Kyun Ju, Jinwoong Lee, Sumedh Kharat, Soowon Chang and Kyubyung Kang Chengyi Zhang, Zhichao Zhao, Huimin Li, Muskan Sharma Kuinkel and Selena Gerace Shayan Shayesteh, Amit Ojha, Yizhi Liu and Houtan Jebelli Jin Sol Lee and Youngjib Ham Yan Liu, Yongkui Li, Jiansong Zhang, Yi Jiang and Lingyan Cao M. Saeed Mafipour, Simon Vilgertshofer and André Borrmann
  5566: A framework for assessing the building spatial design from fire evacuation perspective 8672: Detecting and Preventing Falls Using a Hybrid Technology System: A Review 3881: Trust in Construction AI-Powered Collaborative Robots: A Qualitative Empirical Analysis 7011: Robust Activity Recognition for Adaptive Worker-Robot Interaction using Transfer Learning 5542: Automatic Extraction of Curbs and Curb Ramps from Mobile Lidar Point Clouds
Rong Fu, Ruizhe Kan, Hyungjoon Seo, Yong Yue and Cheng Zhang Solomon Ajasa and Siyuan Song Newsha Emaminejad and Reza Akhavian Farid Shahnavaz, Riley Tavassoli and Reza Akhavian Erzhuo Che, Michael Olsen and Yelda Turkan

Monday (6/26/23) 2-3PM

Technical Session#3: Monday (6/26/23) 2-3PM
Building Information Modeling Infrastructure Analysis and Maintenance Safety Applications Robotics, Automation, and Control Artificial Intelligence Reality Capture Technologies
6783: Deep Reinforcement Learning for Structural Model Updating Using a Modifier Factor Approach 1735: Cloud-Enabled Indoor Thermal Comfort Assessment and Visualization Using Digital Twins, IoT, Robotics, and Indoor Positioning Technology 4092: Analyzing the Impact Factors of Occupational Struck-by Fatality with the Random Forest Model 4180: Design for Disassembly in the Construction Industry: Success Factors and Computing Tools 6588: Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) based data augmentation for enhancing DL models on façade defect identification 6704: Automated Detection and 3D Reconstruction of Fire Hydrants using Different Sizes of Crop Functions and Software
Kwok-Tai Pang, Yuqing Gao and Khalid Mosalam Xi Hu and Rayan H. Assaad Peiyi Lyu, Siyuan Song and Solomon Ajasa Guilherme Eliote, Fernanda Leite and Christopher Rausch Beyza Kiper, Savani Gokhale and Semiha Ergan Chi Tian, Kyubyung Kang, Yanchao Zheng, Kwonsik Song and Luciana Debs
7004: Convex Polyhedra Intersection based Triangular Mesh Indexing Approach for BIM-to-Point-Cloud Change Detection 5085: Cost-Effective, Multipoint and User-Friendly Temperature Control System for Environmental Chambers 5543: Pedestrian phone-related distracted behavior classification in front-facing vehicle cameras for road user safety 1377: Analyzing modularity in construction digital twins for developing a dynamic modular reference architecture 6984: Inhibitory Control Behavior of Novice and Experienced Drivers during Work zone Intrusion: Functional connectivity analysis using fNIRS 518: Reality Capture Technologies for Automated Quality Control during Construction 3D Printing
Sangyoon Park, Sungha Ju, Sanghyun Yoon, Hieu Nguyen and Joon Heo Jildardo Luna, Hevar Palani and Aslihan Karatas Chih-Shen Cheng, Yalong Pi, Tim Lomax, Nick Duffield and Amir Behzadan Simon Kosse, Philipp Hagedorn and Markus König Shiva Pooladvand, Hrishikesh Pokharkar, Kyeongsuk Lee and Sogand Hasanzadeh Michael Martin, Kasra Banijamali and Ali Kazemian
8315: Native Interaction with Building Information Models Using Artificial Intelligence 7599: Personalized thermal comfort model for a multiple occupancy office building 5649: A Machine Learning-based Safety Assessment Framework for Roadway Construction Projects in Flood-prone Regions 1838: What Critical Design Features Matter to the Effectiveness of VR Workforce Training: Battery Rack Assembly and Connection 9821: Exploration of Latent Themes in Truck-Mounted Attenuator (TMA) Related Accidents using Natural Language Processing 2533: Investigating personal environmental conditions for a wheelchair user to identify the disability-related inequity by building design and maintenance
Armin Nabavi, Issa Ramaji and Naimeh Sadeghi Raviteja Patchava and JeeHee Lee Moeid Shariatfar and Yong-Cheol Lee Xiaohui Wang, John Messner, Robert Leicht and Andrew Mackey Chi Tian, Hongyue Wu, Yunfeng Chen, Jiansong Zhang and Yiheng Feng J. Soni, S. McCullough and J. Young Park
8851: LCA calculation of retrofitting scenarios using geometric model reconstruction and semantic enrichment of point clouds 7881: Impacts of air cavities on hygrothermal performance of retrofitted timber frame assemblies in six US climates 6058: Comparing Performance of Different Machine Learning Methods for Predicting Severity of Construction Work zone Crashes 5368: Self-driven optimization of robot design for ceiling systems 3933: Assessing the Impact of Construction Work Zone Layout on Traffic Safety: A Driving Simulator Experiment 4082: Target Domain Training Data Generation by Moving Object Detection and Label Propagation
Kasimir Forth, Florian Noichl and André Borrmann Carolina Recart, Carrie Sturts Dossick and Tomas Mendez Echenagucia Ali Hassandokht Mashhadi, Abbas Rashidi, Juan Medina and Nikola Marković Kangkang Duan and Zhengbo Zou Peng Liu, Chengyi Zhang, Qin Zhu, Huimin Li and Francois Jacobs Taegeon Kim, Giwon Shin, Seokhwan Kim, Vijayan Asari and Hongjo Kim
    6830: Identifying High-risk Workers' Actions Contributing to Highway Construction Accidents 4331: Machine-Learning-Based Generative Design Optimization of the Energy Efficiency of Florida Single-Family Houses 3932: Trends and Potentials in Design Optimization for Road Projects  
    Thinh Nguyen, Quan Do, Tuyen Le and Chau Le Rita Elias and Raja R. A. Issa Ke Dai and Jung In Kim

Monday (6/26/23) 3:15-4:15PM

Technical Session#4: Monday (6/26/23) 2-3PM
Building Information Modeling Infrastructure Analysis and Maintenance Safety Applications Robotics, Automation, and Control Resilience and Sustainability Reality Capture Technologies
933: Investigation of Digital Twin in the Perspective Construction industry: Based on Literature Review 8823: Residential structural damage detection from wildfires using deep learning to analyze uncrewed aerial system (UAS) imagery 7813: Creating a Construction Safety VR Game with Decision-making Scenarios for an Interactive Learning Experience 1834: Automatic Pixel-Level Steel Structural Elements Detection Using U-Net 9658: Urban digital twin based decision support for housing rebuilding choices in catastrophically flooded communities 3755: Visual data-driven digital twin modeling framework for improving the resilience of urban drainage infrastructure systems
Sanjeev Adhikari and Tran Duong Nguyen Daekun Kang, Michael J. Olsen and Erica Fischer Krishna Kisi, Omar Snosi and Vatsalya Sharma Zhouqian Jiang and John Messner Holly Josephs, Yifan Wang, Jiahao Xia and Jie Gong Jaeyoon Kim, Aswin Jacob Thomas and Youngjib Ham
2854: State-of-the-Practice of Digital Twin Implementation in the Utility Sector 3791: 3D Machine Vision for Structural Element and Damage Identification 1094: Machine Learning at work? The issue of data quality when developing new insights in occupational accidents 2754: Vision-based Control of Construction Robot using Transfer Learning Approach 2639: Autonomous UAV-based structural damage exploration platform for post-disaster reconnaissance 9055: Indoor Navigation Systems via Augmented Reality and Reality Capture: From Allocentric to Egocentric Spatial Perspective
Kolade Arisekola, Katherine Madson and Roy Sturgill Molan Zhang, Katrina Montes, Jiaming Liu, Lama Hajmousa, Ji Dang and Zhiqiang Chen May Shayboun, Christian Koch and Dimosthenis Kifokeris Srijeet Halder, Harshitha Gandra and Kereshmeh Afsari Xin Peng, Gaofeng Su, Benjamin Folk, Zhiqiang Chen and Raja Sengupta Fang Xu, Jason Moats, Joseph Gabbard and Jing Du
5958: Developing Digital Twin Data Structures and Integrated Cloud Architecture for Roads 7175: Recognition of Pavement Structural Damage Based on Nondestructive Testing and Computer Vision 1761: Computer vision-based automatic emergency notification system: Interpreting construction workers’ hand gestures 4501: Exploration of Indoor Navigation Technologies and Development of a Prototype Application 5708: Social Media Data Mining of Stakeholder Value Systems on Community Resilience in Florida 9307: Schedule-driven analytics of 3D point clouds for automated construction progress monitoring
Weiwei Chen and Ioannis Brilakis Xiaogang Guo and Ning Wang Ahmed Bin Kabir Rabbi and Idris Jeelani Sushmit Sharma Bhattarai and Krishna Kisi Hang Ren, Lu Zhang, Arif Sadri, N. Emel Ganapati and Travis Whetsell Aritra Pal, Jacob Je-Chian Lin and Shang-Hsien Hsieh
3008: Digital twin framework for railway bridges 3015: Structural failure mode prediction in laterally loaded reinforced concrete columns using machine learning 2612: Development of a Sensor-Based Safety Performance Analytic Mobile System to Detect, Alert, Analyze and Modify Workers’ Unsafe Behaviors 1940: Learning multi-granularity task primitives from construction videos for human-robot collaboration 5726: Human-Sensitive Quantification of City-Scale Human Activity Changes during Natural Disasters 4753: Identifying CCTV Surveillance Coverage Using MMS-Acquired Point Cloud and CCTV Images
Amirali Najafi, Baris Salman, Parisa Sanaei, Erick Lojano-Quispe, Zaid Amir, Ali Maher and Richard Schaefer Divine Agbobli, Jack Osei and Yunjeong Mo Hanjing Zhu and Bon-Gang Hwang Zaolin Pan and Yantao Yu Yang Liu and Kaijian Liu Wonjun Choi, Youngmok Kwon, Jisang Lee, Cheolhwan Kim and Hong-Gyoo Sohn
  9453: Application of LinkedIn data and Image processing to analyze construction career paths: Does race matter? 6613: Towards an Efficient Physiological-based Worker Health Monitoring System in Construction: An Adaptive Filtering Method for Removing Motion Artifacts in Physiological Signals of Workers 1001: ICON-Pose: A Construction Worker Pose Estimation Dataset for Intelligent Construction 5942: A spatial-temporal community vulnerability assessment based on human mobility trajectory simulation  
  Abdolmajid Erfani and Qingbin Cui Y. Liu, Y. Gautam, S. Shayesteh, H. Jebelli and M. Mahdi Khalili Christine Wun Ki Suen, Ziming Liu, Yangming Shi and Zhengbo Zou Chen Xia, Yuqing Hu, Jianli Chen and Haiyan Hao

Monday (6/26/23) 4:30-5:30PM

Technical Session#5: Monday (6/26/23) 4:30-5:30PM
Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure Analysis and Maintenance Safety Applications Robotics, Automation, and Control Resilience and Sustainability Visualization and Simulation
9052: Potential of Vision-based 6-DoF Pose Estimation for Cuboid-shape Objects from Construction Jobsites 1267: Forecasting Construction Labor Productivity Metrics 6409: Digital Twin-Based Health Maps for Construction Worker Health Monitoring: Assessing Feasibility and Viability 246: An Autonomous Robotic Sensing System for Intelligent Inspection of Indoor Building Systems 4965: GIS-enabled Resilience Strategies for Post-Disaster Reconstruction: a case study of Pakistan 492: Emerging Technologies in Interactive Workspaces: A Framework for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Use Cases
Quan Miao and Meiyin Liu Emil L. Jacobsen, Søren Wandahl and Jochen Teizer Shayan Shayesteh, Houtan Jebelli and John Messner Yining Wen, Kaiwen Chen and Nilay R. Choudhury D. Kumar, C. Zhang, M. Kamran and S. Demirkesen Cakir N. Akindele and J. Lather
9626: Dependency Parsing-based Information Extraction from Car Crash Narratives to Support Crash Scene Reconstruction 6428: Agent-based modeling for understanding incentives associated with distributed solar generation 2861: Hashing-based Object Tracking for Construction Site Safety Monitoring across Different Domains 254: An Integrated UGV System for Automated Welding on Construction Site 6100: Using Machine Learning and Aggregated Remote Sensing Data for Wildfire Occurrence Prediction and Feature Selection: A Case Study in California 2692: Metaverse for AEC: A SWOT Analysis
Hang Li, Jiansong Zhang, Yunfeng Chen, Yiheng Feng and Robert Proctor Gasser Ali and Islam El-Adaway Wei-Chih Chern, Vijayan Asari and Hongjo Kim Doyun Lee and Kevin Han Timothy Gao, Lufan Wang and Xiang Gao Ahmad Hadavi and Sepehr Alizadehsalehi
9199: Implementing Convolution Neural Network (CNN) based approach for Traffic Queue Length and Delay Estimation at Highway Ramps 4850: Autonomous Defect Inspection and Mapping for Building Maintenance 5347: Computer Vision-based Monitoring of Construction Site Housekeeping 1274: Integration of Autonomous Robotics, Indoor Localization Technologies, and IoT Sensing for Real-Time Cloud-Based Indoor Air Quality Monitoring and Visualization 3553: Rapid and automated vision-based post-disaster building debris estimation 9066: Mixed Reality Workflow for Deconstruction Cutting and Packing Planning
Sushant Tiwari, Abbas Rashidi and Nikola Markovic Patrick Herbers, Firdes Celik and Markus König Zherui Shao, Yang Miang Goh, Jing Tian, Yu Guang Lim and Vincent Gan Jie Long Xi Hu and Rayan H. Assaad Chih-Shen Cheng, Amir Behzadan and Arash Noshadravan Gabriel Earle, Emmanouil Katsimpalis and Carl Haas

Tuesday (6/27/23) 9:45 - 10:45AM

Technical Session#6: Tuesday (6/27/23) 9:45 - 10:45AM
Building Information Modeling Infrastructure Analysis and Maintenance Computing for Education Intelligent Human-Machine Interaction Resilience and Sustainability Visualization and Simulation
1836: Automated Relation Extraction for Improved Generalizability across Different Types of Text 2245: UAS-based Infrastructure Inspection Path Planning Considering Visual Recognition Performance 9132: Predicting high-impact research in the construction engineering and management domain using computational machine learning 2354: Uncovering Potential Collusive Behavior of AI Bidders in Future Construction Bidding Market 1917: Enhancing Sustainability in the Built Environment Through Digital Technologies: Case Study of a Construction Firm 4365: Virtual Reality Safety Training Assessment in Construction Management and Safety and Health Management Programs
Qiyang Chen and Nora El-Gohary Yuxiang Zhao, Binyao Guo, Ishfaq Aziz and Mohamad Alipour I. El-Adaway, G. Ali, M. Ahmed, R. Eissa, M. Abdul Nabi, T. Elbashbishy and R. Khalef Chan Heo, Changbum Ahn and Moonseo Park Paige Rice, Yewande Abraham and Sagata Bhawani Hongtao Dang, Jennifer Serne and Mohammadsoroush Tafazzoli
1958: Digital Twin for Built Assets enabling Sustainability Tracker 2995: Resources Based Planning Framework for Infrastructure Maintenance & Rehabilitation Projects 2294: LivingBIM: As-designed and As-built Dataset for an Academic Building including BIM models, Point Clouds, and 360 Images. 3251: Trust in Human-AI Interaction: Review of Empirical Research on Trust in AI-powered Smart Home Ecosystems 6149: An Interpretable Machine Learning Method to Inform Urban Adaptation to Heatwaves 5156: Collaborative Virtual Training with Embodied Physics and Haptic Feedback: Construction Material Handling as an Example
Jaehyun Park Heba Kh. Gad, Ossama Hosny and Khaled Nassar A. Alsuhaibani, J. Rojas, C. Leffel, J. Won Ma and F. Leite Tianzhi He and Farrokh Jazizadeh Tong Liu and Chao Fan Yang Ye, Fang Xu and Jing Du
1891: IFC-based Stormwater Drainage Modeling to Support BIM for Infrastructure 3506: Estimating Output Variance of a Regressing Tree Model: Case Study of Concrete Strength Prediction 9401: Knowledge Sharing and Workforce Engagement Using Digital Twins-Based Simulations and Virtual Reality for Process Operations 5754: Understanding of risky determinants affecting the success of design build airport projects using computational clustering techniques 4735: BIM as a Mitigation Tool for COVID-19 Management on a University Campus 5506: Development of a VR Training Platform for Active Shooter Incident Preparedness in Healthcare Environments via a Stakeholder-Engaged Process
Hang Li, Xiaorui Xue, Jiansong Zhang and Yunfeng Chen Monjurul Hasan and Ming Lu Pengkun Liu, Jinding Xing, Yuanhao Li, Christopher Miller and Pingbo Tang Ramy Khalef and Islam El-Adaway Don Chen, Turner Cash, Milad Rogha, Wenwu Tang, Cynthia Gibas and Mariya Munir Ruying Liu, Burcin Becerik-Gerber, Gale Lucas and Kelly Busta
2100: Trends and Opportunities for Material Information Sharing Using BIM to Achieve Supply Chain Integration 6418: A Convolutional Autoencoder Framework for Probabilistic Anomaly Detection on Infrastructure Systems 4155: Transfer Learning-based Question Generation for Building a Construction Safety Chatbot 4773: Development of a Blockchain Prototype for Collaborative Risk Assessment of Construction Projects 9952: Assessing the Vulnerability of Communities Exposed to Climate Change-Related Challenges Caused by the Urban Heat Island Effect Using Machine Learning 6027: Virtual Environment for Studying the Effects of Operational and Environmental Sounds on Teleoperated Demolition
Seogjae Choi and Fernanda Leite Yueyan Gu and Farrokh Jazizadeh Ning Wang and Raja R. A. Issa In Bae Chung and Carlos Caldas G. Assaf and R. H. Assaad P. B. Rodrigues, B. Becerik-Gerber, L. Soibelman, G. M. Lucas and S. C. Roll
4224: Optimizing Adaptive Signalized Intersections: A Cooperative Game Theory Approach 3257: Revving Up the Grid: The Potential of Vehicle-to-Grid Technology 5984: Launching Successful Datathons: Lessons Learned from Recent ASCE VIMS Datathons
Kholoud Kotb, Mohamed S. Eid and Ahmed Osama Adrian Petrisor and Atefeh Mohammadpour Semiha Ergan, Fei Dai, Eric Du and Reza Akhavian

Tuesday (6/27/23) 11-12PM

Technical Session#7: Tuesday (6/27/23) 11-12PM
Building Information Modeling Infrastructure Analysis and Maintenance Computing for Education Intelligent Human-Machine Interaction Resilience and Sustainability Visualization and Simulation
7456: Decision-making framework for implementing blockchain in building operations and maintenance (O&M) 8256: Investigating the Trends in the Adoption and Implementation of Sustainable Building Rating Systems: A Critical Analysis of the LEED Rating System 2618: Workforce-Related Challenges of Construction 4.0 Technologies in the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction Industry 487: Safe Human-Drone Interaction in Construction: Exploring Gesture and Speech Communication Modalities 4546: Does the ADA work? A social media data driven investigation for disability-related inequity at airports 8343: VR-based Safety Training Program for General & Enabling Works in Construction Projects.
Dimosthenis Kifokeris, Algan Tezel and Sungkon Moon P. Gupta, Y. Abraham and B. G. Celik Elnaz Safapour and Anupa Silwal Zixian Zhu, Jiun-Yao Cheng, Idris Jeelani and Masoud Gheisari Steven McCullough, Ariana Grant, Jhanvi Soni, Evan Mistur and June Young Park Sahar Badr, Ossama Hosny and Ibrahim Abotaleb
7541: BIM and Blockchain-based Automatic Asset Tracking in Digital Twin for Modular Construction 9998: Investigation of The Importance of Residential Energy End Use in Normal Days and Natural Disasters 3201: Introducing Computing to Construction Management Undergraduate Students Through Automated Quantity Takeoff from IFC-based BIM 1222: Investigating the Cognition-Control Pattern of Multi-Worker Human-Robot Collaboration in Construction 4491: American Time-Use Survey in Modeling Occupant Behavior: A Systematic Review 713: Assessment and visualization of interactions between project stakeholders in a group decision environment
Yaxian Dong, Yuqing Hu, Shuai Li, Jiannan Cai and Zhu Han Biao Kuang, Tolulope Sanni, Yangming Shi, Mingxi Liu, Wanyun Shao and Jianli Chen F. Yang, J. Zhang, O. Wong Chong and C. Sexton Di Liu and Youngjib Ham Sorena Vosoughkhosravi and Amirhosein Jafari Ekin Eray, Carl T. Haas and Derek Rayside
5816: Simulation modeling efforts in the construction industry: Integrated application of BIM and agent-based modeling 6336: Exploring the Empirical Relationship Between Urban Form and Building Energy Use 3416: Building Information Modeling Courses around Construction Programs 2278: Multi-task Deep Learning-based Human Intention Prediction for Human-Robot Collaborative Assembly 189: Leveraging Immersive Virtual Environments for Occupant Wellbeing Analysis 3413: Risk-reward allocation among integrated project delivery method stakeholders: a gamified cooperative data simulation approach
Kyudong Kim, Kasey M. Faust and Fernanda Leite Chi On Ho, Marco Miotti and Rishee Jain Hongtao Dang, Sanjeev Adhikari and Anne Anderson Jiannan Cai, Xiaoyun Liang, Bastian Wibranek and Yuanxiong Guo B. Altaf, A. Tavakoli, E. Bianchi, J. A. Landay and S. L. Billington Radwa Eissa, Mohamad Abdul Nabi and Islam El-Adaway
1802: BIM and knowledge graph-based building material recycle and reuse assessment framework 2517: The Impact of Affordable Home Features on Energy Burden in Low-Income Households in the U.S. 4949: Practitioners’ and Instructors’ Considerations in Workforce Development Collaborations: Inputs for Graphical User Interface of a Technology-driven Matching Platform 8675: Safe Robot Planning in Dynamic Construction Environments using Reinforcement Learning 6186: Using Computer Vision and Parametric Design Software to Quantify Nature Dose in Indoor Built Environments 5271: Simulating Structural Motions of Floating Cities in an Immersive Virtual Reality Environment
Zheng Lu, Chuting Sun, Yuqing Hu and Akhil Kuma Shaya Sheikh, Ehsan Kamel and Amirhosein Jafari A. Yusuf, A. Akanmu, A. Ofori-Boadu, H. Murzi and S. Ball Yeseul Kim, Andrew Yarovoi, Yong Han Ahn and Yong K. Cho Eva Bianchi, Sarah Billington and Arash Tavakoli Shengzhe Wang and Bing Han
7596: Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in Construction Education: A Systematic Literature Review 1813: Bridge Inspection Strategies Analysis through Human-Drone Interaction Games 4030: Mixed reality promoting circular economy in urban water systems 5873: Implementation Analysis of a Simulation-Aided Redesigned Emergency Department Before and After the Emergence of COVID-19
Andrew Kline and Steven Ayer Pengkun Liu, Bowen Sun, Yanyu Wang and Pingbo Tang Yu-Chen Lee and Fernanda Leite Golnoosh Abdolahzadeh, Yasaman Ahmadi and Jennifer Lather

Tuesday (6/27/23) 2-3PM

Technical Session#8: Tuesday (6/27/23) 2-3PM
Building Information Modeling Infrastructure Analysis and Maintenance Safety Applications Robotics, Automation, and Control Resilience and Sustainability Visualization and Simulation
6672: Deep learning method to detect and locate signages from 2D drawings for semantic enrichment of BIM 9257: Developing Data-Driven Occupancy Detection Models Based on Individual Plug Load Profiles in Office Spaces 883: VR-based Safety Training Program for in High-rise Construction Integrating Kolb’s Learning Model and the Behaviorist Learning Theory 200: Automated Building Assembly: Developments Toward Automated Building Machines 4694: Investigating the Data Inputs and Requirements for Response and Recovery Decision Models in Flooding Events 3380: An Integrated Urban Road Rehabilitation Planning and Decision Support Based on BIM and GIS
Tianle Duan, Thi Qui Nguyen and Justin K.W. Yeoh Sorena Vosoughkhosravi, Amirhosein Jafari and Madeline Thomas Sahar Badr, Ossama Hosny and Ibrahim Abotaleb Elizabeth Andrzejewski, Esther Obonyo and Marcus Shaffer S. Yasaman Ahmadi, Jennifer Lather, Christine Wittich and Katherine Madson Sining Li, Wonho Suh and Jung In Kim
6462: Investigation of the Costs and Benefits of Digital Twins in Construction 5036: Optimizing HVAC Systems for Energy Efficiency and Comfort: A Scalable and Robust Multi-Zone Control Approach with Uncertainty Considerations 9743: A Generic Safety and Efficiency-Oriented Platform for Managing Equipment Operations on Construction Sites 788: Guideline for Automated Construction of Reinforced Concrete Beams Using 3D Printing and BIM 6253: Impacts of Flooding on Traffic Functionality from Crowdsourced Location Data 3930: Operational Digital Twins: Definition and Common Use Cases
Christian Abugu, Chimay Anumba and Kofi Asare Ruoxin Xiong, Haoming Jing, Mengmou Li, Ying Shi, Taya Miki, Takeshi Hatanaka, Yorie Nakahira and Pingbo Tang Ali Khodabandelu, Jeewoong Park, Unmesa Ray and Cristian Arteaga Ammar Alzarrad, Siyuan Song, Muhammad Hatamleh, Ibukun Awolusi and Sudipta Chowdhury Francisco Contreras and Cristina Torres-Machi Zahra Ghorbani, Madeline Cramer and John Messner
6593: A Digital Twin Platform Based on 3D Building Models and Smart IoT for A Climate-Resilient Campus: A Case Study of National Taiwan University 9725: Understanding Impact of Sensing Flexibility and Strategies on HVAC Energy Consumption Modeling 9782: Insights from Applying Association Rule Mining to Construction Severe Injury Reports 2847: Constructability Assessment for Robotics in Construction 8920: Measuring Disparity in Flood Risk and Freeboard Benefits for Different Income Groups 4697: Immersive VR versus BIM Platform Features for Effective AEC Team Collaboration
Kuan-Chun Chen, Yun-Tsui Chang and Shang-Hsien Hsieh Nidia Bucarelli and Nora El-Gohary Chau Le, Giridhari Doddi, Muhammad Ali Moriyani and Tuyen Le Ziyi Wang, Yuqing Hu and Robert Leicht Anisha Deria, Rubayet Bin Mostafiz, Yong-Cheol Lee and Carol Friedland Bita Astaneh Asl, Andrea Huynh and Carrie Dossick
9075: Deep Learning based Crowdsourced Image Localization in Digital Twin Models for Enhanced Infrastructure Management 9993: Optimizing HVAC Design for Pharmaceutical Requirements with Computational Fluid Dynamics 8019: Digital twin-based heat stress monitoring system in construction 3155: A Schema for Robotics Operations in Construction 3089: A computational framework for identifying safe rescue routes in catastrophic urban flooding environments 4306: Simulation-Based Approach for Master Planning and Scheduling in Offsite Construction Supply Chain Management
Jinwu Xiao, Kyubyung Kang and Dahyun Oh Lijun Liu and Yilei Huang Yoojun Kim and Youngjib Ham Fangxiao Li, Yuqing Hu and Robert Leicht Yifan Wang, Jie Gong and Jiahao Xia Ahmed Zaalouk, Mohammed Sadiq Altaf and Sanghyeok Han
6278: Construction Cost Savings through VR-based Early Identification of Operability Issues: A Comparative Case Study
Simge Girgin, Renate Fruchter and Martin Fischer

Tuesday (6/27/23) 3:15-4:15PM

Technical Session#9: Tuesday (6/27/23) 3:15-4:15PM
Building Information Modeling Infrastructure Analysis and Maintenance Safety Applications Robotics, Automation, and Control Resilience and Sustainability Visualization and Simulation
4326: Towards Improved Information Management at Commissioning Stage 4066: Deep Reinforcement Learning for Optimal Planning of Fast Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at a Large Scale 300: Training Data Sensitivity Analysis of Deep Neural Network for Differentiating Construction Laborers with/without Safety Helmets 8018: Safety Challenges of Four-legged Robots in Construction 8032: Augmented Reality and Wearable Technology-Supported Biophilic Design of Senior Housing for Improving Quality of Life in Older Adults 5709: A Heuristic Algorithm for the Robust Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem with Multi-Skilled Resources
Jyoti Singh and Chimay J. Anumba Jae Heo and Soowon Chang YoungHo Kwon, Sangyoon Park, Ta Minh Luan, Sehoon Oh and Joon Heo Yuan Sun, Masoud Gheisari and Idris Jeelani Leeann Budzevski, Neha Surana, Tanyel Bulbul and Ruichuan Zhang Weibao You, Zhe Xu and Ming Lu
9567: Cost Estimation for Water Loss Restoration Using Building Information Modeling, Infrared Thermography, and Xactimate 8114: Numerical analysis of cured-in-place pipe structural liner for underground pipeline rehabilitation 608: One-shot Monitoring Approach for Construction Worker’s Hardhat Based on Siamese Networks 2967: Breaking Down Barriers: A Study of Challenges to Adopting Powered Exoskeletons in the US Construction Industry 3133: Computational investigation of the flood impact on bridge infrastructures in the Great Lakes region 6683: Identifying the design feature that causes project delay in DfMA: A dominant element analysis method for project scheduling
Mina Mahdaviparsa, Soowon Chang, Randy Rapp and Clark A. Cory Junyi Duan, Chengcheng Tao and Ying Huang Daeyoung Gil and Ghang Lee M. Breneman, A. Ojha, H. Jebelli, S. Mohammed and A. Akanmu Junyi Duan and Chengcheng Tao Jianpeng Cao, Hang Zhang, Bo Pan, Ranjith Soman, Anton Savov and Daniel Hall
736: Enhancing Nuclear Power Plant Operations: An Ontology for Conditional Tasks 7655: A New Method of Pixel-level In-situ U-value Measurement for Building Envelopes Based on Infrared Thermography 7413: Enhancing the Time Efficiency of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Detection in Real Implementations using Edge Computing 5098: Workers’ Perception and Acceptance of Collaborative Robots in Construction Using the Technology Acceptance Model 9279: Developing an Empathic Design Mindset through Virtual Field Trips in Buildings 6874: A Dynamic Agent-Based Optimization Model for Green Infrastructure to Address Flooding Risks
Jinding Xing, Pengkun Liu, Pingbo Tang, Ronald Boring, George Gibson, Thomas A. Ulrich and Roger Lew Zihao Wang, Yu Hou and Lucio Soibelman Mikias Gugssa, Long Li, Lina Pu, Ali Gurbuz, Yu Luo and Jun Wang X. Liang, U. Rasheed, J. Cai, B. Wibranek and I. Awolusi Renate Fruchter Yasser Jezzini, Rayan H. Assaad and Fadi Karaa
9665: Digital twins of bridges: characteristics of a framework leading to practical implementations 8980: Comparing optimization approaches in OpenSees-based direct displacement design of tall timber lateral systems 7246: Using Eye-tracking to Examine the Cognitive Process of Hazard Recognition in Construction VR Scenarios 7178: Exploring the Latency during Long-distance Robot-assisted Teleoperation and Construction 9217: Modeling the Decarbonization Potential of a Time-of-Use Building Energy Benchmarking Model at the Urban Scale 6934: Optimization of Stochastic Repetitive Construction Projects: Minimizing Duration Uncertainties
Kamil Korus, Marek Salamak and Jan Winkler S. Hossein Zargar, P. Uarac Pinto, A. R. Barbosa, A. Sinha, B. Simpson, J. van de Lindt and N. C. Brown Yanfang Luo, Joonoh Seo and Sogand Hasanzadeh Miran Seo, Yeon Chae and Youngjib Ham Abigail Andrews and Rishee Jain Hussein Abosamra, Mohamed A Elsayad, Mohamed S. Eid and Ahmed Elhakeem
2575: Real-Time Monitoring System Framework for Fall from Roof Accident Prevention 1297: Enabling Safe Human-Robot Object Handover in Physically Collaborative Construction Work
Muhammad Khan and Chukwuma Nnaji Hongrui Yu, Vineet Kamat, Carol Menassa, Wes McGee, Yijie Guo and Honglak Lee

Wednesday (6/28/23) 9:45 - 10:45AM

Technical Session#10: Wednesday (6/28/23) 9:45 - 10:45AM
Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure Analysis and Maintenance Safety Applications Robotics, Automation, and Control Resilience and Sustainability Visualization and Simulation
7861: Deep Learning–Based Automation of Road Surface Extraction from UAV-Derived Dense Point Clouds in Large Scale Environment 7265: A Multilayer Perceptron-Based Neural Network Model for Predicting Steel Bridge Coating Conditions by Integrating Bridge and Environmental Features 1680: Semi-Active Exoskeleton for Forearm Muscle Strain Reduction 7398: Timber Construction Automation Using Industrial Robotic Arm Integrated with an Interactive Rail System 9825: Evaluation of Hospital Pandemic Response Decisions to Design for Operational Flexibility 8201: Exploring the Potential of BIM CAVE for Optimizing Construction Site Path Planning: A Review
Thanakon Uthai and Jing Du M. Ashiqur Rahman, L. Zhang, K. Lau and X. Lv Chukwuma Nnaji, Abdullahi Ibrahim and Ifeanyi Okpala Fan Yang and Jiansong Zhang Jennifer Lather, S. Yasaman Ahmadi, Nelson Akindele and Andrew Harms Raissa Marchiori, Solomon Ajasa and Siyuan Song
8505: From enriched point cloud to structural and MEP models: An automated approach to create semantic-geometric models for industrial facilities 6996: Using Data-Driven Feature Engineering Algorithms to Determine the Most Critical Factors Contributing to the Urban Heat Island Effect Associated with Global Warming 853: System dynamics modeling for investigating the retention of skilled labor in the construction market 7799: Fully Autonomous Fire Safety Equipment Inspection Missions on a Legged Robot 359: Mitigating energy efficiency inequities using integrated data-driven and parametric energy modeling 8203: Simulation Model for Optimizing Resources among Multiple Concurrent Projects: A Case Study
F. Noichl, Y. Pan, M. Saeed Mafipour, A. Braun, I. Brilakis and A. Borrmann G. Assaf and R. H. Assaad Tamima Elbashbishy and Islam El-Adaway Angelina Aziz, Patrick Herbers, Hakan Bayer and Markus König Lauren E Excell, Alex Nutkiewicz and Rishee K Jain Raghda Moharram, Yassmin Essawy and Khaled Nassar
8811: An Improved XGBoost Model for Culvert Inspection Using Swarm Intelligence Algorithm 3068: Revealing Inherent Rules and Validation Frameworks for Evaluating BIM Data Regarding Disaster- and Resilience-related Regulations 3819: Social Contagion Theory in Construction Safety: The Effect of Susceptibility to Peer Pressure On Worker Safety Compliance 8104: Robust Trajectory Three-dimensional Path Planning of sUAS in the Slope Surface 2806: Selection of optimal Phase Change Material (PCM) properties to reduce energy consumption in buildings 8360: A Fuzzy Model and Decision-Support Tool for Assessing and Predicting the Probability of Bankruptcy of Construction Companies
Pouria Mohammadi, Abbas Rashidi and Sadegh Asgari O. Al-Maabreh, M. Hoque, Y. Lee, K. Lee and P. Ghannad Shiva Pooladvand and Sogand Hasanzadeh Yajie Liu, Eric Liu, Kevin Han and William Rasdorf Hussein Al Jebaei, In Kyu Jeon, Abdullah Azzam, Yong Rak Kim, Juan Carlos Baltazar and Ashrant Aryal Rayan H. Assaad, Ghiwa Assaf and Islam H. El-Adaway
8109: BIM, IoT and Data mining integration framework for improving green building energy resilience 5417: Radon Pollution in Educational Facilities: Investigating the Use of Digital Twins to Monitor and Control Exposure to Indoor Air Pollutants 9349: An Agent-Based Cellular Automaton Simulation Model to Study the Worker Safety Behavior on Construction Sites: The Impacts of Different Social Influence Rules 7944: Pilot Study of Powered Wearable Robot Use for Simulated Flooring Work 6680: Understanding households’ vulnerability to joint impacts of infrastructure disruptions caused by winter storms via AI-driven chatbots 8650: Studying contribution of associated stakeholders in risk control of modularized construction under different project delivery methods: a graph-restricted cooperative games approach
Guofeng Qiang and Shu Tang Aslan Jalilnejad and Zia Din R. H. Assaad, M. A. Nabi, G. Assaf and I. El-Adaway Akinwale Okunola, Abiola Akanmu, Nihar Gonsalves, Anthony Yusuf and Houtan Jebelli Cheng Zhang and Udaykiran Konka M. A. Nabi and I. El-Adaway
6238: Identifying Risk Factors Among New and Inexperienced Miners for Surface Mining Accidents 8429: The Importance of Situational Awareness in Future Construction Work: Toward the Effects of Faulty Robot, Trust, and Time Pressure
Peiyi Lyu and Siyuan Song Woei-Chyi Chang, Andrew Borowiak and Sogand Hasanzadeh

Wednesday (6/28/23) 11-12PM

Technical Session#11: Wednesday (6/28/23) 11-12PM
Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure Analysis and Maintenance Safety Applications Artificial Intelligence Resilience and Sustainability Visualization and Simulation
974: Machine Learning-Based Ranking of Factors Influencing Human Movement Purposes for Supporting Human-Infrastructure Interaction Modeling 9486: A framework for remote road furniture monitoring system using smart IoT dashcams and digital twin 5993: Developing a Computational Spatial Attention Metric To Examine Workers’ Visual Search Efficiency at Hazardous Construction Jobsites 7394: Request for Information (RFI) Recommender System for Pre-Construction Design Review Application Using NLP and Computer Vision 3830: Post Disaster Private Well Water Contamination with Geosocial Network: A Case Study of Post Hurricane Harvey 9228: Expert Demonstration Collection of Long-horizon Construction Tasks in Virtual Reality
Lan Zhang and Kaijian Liu Inbae Jeong, Youjin Jang, Israt Sharmin Dola and Moein Younesi Heravi K. Lee, Y. Shinde, S. Hasanzadeh and B. Esmaeili Roshan Panahi, John-Paul Kivlin and Joseph Louis Rong Ding, Yushun Dong, Daniel Aldrich, Jundong Li, Kelsey Pieper and Qi Wang Rui Li and Zhengbo Zou
1963: The relationship between occupants’ movement and building morphology before and during COVID-19 pandemic 4947: Computer Vision for Infrastructure Health Monitoring: Automated Detection of Pavement Rutting from Street-Level Images 6433: A Review of Non-invasive Heat Stress Monitoring Systems for Construction Workers Using Wearable Device and Computer Vision Technology 5756: Cognitive Load Assessment in Learning Construction-based Sensor Data Analytics within an End-User Programming Environment 9338: Modeling Crowd Data and Spatial Connectivity as Graphs for Crowd Flow Forecasting in Public Urban Space 8982: EEG-based Classification of Cognitive Load and Task Conditions for AR Supported Construction Assembly: A deep learning approach
Yuhan Zhou and Justin Ker-Wei Yeoh Mark Shorey, Mohammad Z. Bashar and Cristina Torres-Machi Sepehr Khorshid, Siyuan Song, Kaiwen Chen and Peiyi Lyu M. Khalid, A. Akanmu, A. Yusuf, H. Murzi, I. Awolusi and N. Gonsalves Vivian Wen Hui Wong and Kincho H. Law Yimin Qin, Tanyel Bulbul and Jeremy Withers
4060: Underground Railway Station Passenger Flow Prediction Based on Long Short-Term Memory Neural Network 8622: Evaluating the Economic Impact of Preventive Treatment Strategies for Municipal Highways 1067: Investigating the Interplay between Indoor Environmental Quality and Workers' Health and Productivity: Preliminary Results 5768: A Swarm Intelligence Approach for Statistical Modeling of Wind Speed and Direction: A Case Study of New York Bight 4154: An Intelligent IoT Device for Real-Time Cloud-Based Tracking of the Terms of Service in Smart Cities 5612: Reality and BIM model-driven near-miss alerting framework for construction equipment using AR interface
Yuyang Shao, S. Thomas Ng, Fiona C. Y. Kwok, Shushu Fan and Reynold Cheng Miyoung Uhm, Giwon Shin, Hyoungkwan Kim, Namgyun Kim and Hongjo Kim Mohamad Awada, Mirmahdi Seyedrezaei, Burcin Becerik-Gerber and Gale Lucas N. S. Pargoo, E. Amini, M. Mohammadzadeh and M. Hajj Mohsen Mohammadi, Rayan H. Assaad and Aichih Chang Thai-Hoa Le and Jacob J. Lin
9984: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Enabling Personalized Activity-Based Workplaces 9977: Text Mining-Based Approach for Accident Cause Analysis in Highway Construction 1189: Developing Prediction Models for Monitoring Workers’ Fatigue in Hot Conditions 8122: Object Detection Based Knowledge Graph Creation: Enabling Insight into Construction Processes 1896: Examining Rural-Urban Disparity in Disaster Impact and Recovery: Case of Tropical Storm Isaias 4425: Enhancing pricing practices of subcontractors: a comparative analysis using simulation modeling
Min Deng, Xi Wang, Da Li, Bo Fu, Carol C. Menassa and Vineet R. Kamat Quan Do, Tuyen Le and Chau Le Muhammad Khan, Abdullahi Ibrahim, Chukwuma Nnaji and Ashrant Aryal Fabian Pfitzner, Alexander Braun and André Borrmann Francesco Rouhana and Jin Zhu Muaz Ahmed, Islam El-Adaway and Kalyn Coatney
1376: Estimation of three mutually orthogonal vanishing points from edgelets in road scenes 2977: Improving Health Monitoring of Construction Workers Using Physiological Data-Driven Techniques: An Ensemble Learning-Based Framework to Address Distributional Shifts 8881: Shaping urban block building form to correlate PV production with electricity demand 7660: Improving Multi-Crane Operations in Congested Urban Areas via Simulation of Overlapping Areas
Sourav Dutta, Linjun Lu and Fei Dai A. Ojha, Y. Liu, H. Jebelli, H. Cheng and M. Kiani Ali Alhussain, Yumna Kurdi, Somayeh Asadi and Nathan Brown Ali Khodabandelu, Jeewoong Park, Unmesa Ray and Cristian Arteaga